Guide to replay analysis

Replay Analysis

In this article, I will share a replay analysis method that helped me figure out my mistakes and improve in Starcraft 2. In this, I will tell you about how we can analyze both wins and losses: we look to see things we could have done better in wins, or will look to see what we messed up on in our losses. Try and think of this a a guide to your thought process as you are pouring over your replays.


What was I going for?

Something important to keep in mind from the very beginning is just knowing exactly what you were trying to accomplish, as well as what may have happened to either hinder you or slow you down. For example, in PvZ if you were going for an Immortal Zealot all-in that is supposed to hit around 8:30 in game time, but you do not hit until 9:30, then you might want to look at the build from the beginning and see if you missed something in your build. Likewise, if you are doing a macro play, did you scout your opponent and find out what they were going for, if so did you react accordingly? If not finding the proper answer to what you scouted can be easier when watching a replay instead of being under the pressure of playing.


What went wrong?

It is very important to identify things that went wrong in the game. Are there many unforced errors such as forgetting an overlord? Did being supply blocked not allowing you to get the extra 8 roaches to win the fight? Or did you miss rally a Colossus that the Terran sniped for free? These are some mechanical errors that can be fixed easily by going into some unranked games. Here, you can focus solely on your mechanics and macro, instead of worrying about winning. You have to make sure you are hitting your timings and infrastructure on time and also avoiding supply blocks.


How can I improve from this?

The objective of replay analysis should be to improve from the game regardless of result. You can find something to improve upon every game. If you find yourself floating money a lot throughout your games, just spend it on units. However if you find yourself dying to similar things a lot, look through the replay and find the timings you need to look out for. For example, as Protoss if you know a standard 6-pool hits at 3:05~ in game then if you do not see Lings, you can cancel your Zealot to get the nexus down sooner. Taking all of the little mistakes out of your play can lead to great strides in your play!

I want to thank you all for your time and feedback and any supporters out there. If you have a specific replay you would like for me to go over leave a comment down below with the GGtracker link or email me at