Top 5 Biggest Fantasy Busts for the 2015 LCS Summer Split

After the conclusion of the 2015 LCS summer split, we can now take a look back at those certain individuals that did not live up to their potential this split. These players are in my top 5 biggest fantasy busts list because of their performance in the summer split related to how well they were projected to perform. Without further adieu, let’s get started.

5) TSM Lustboy

Lust Cena everyone. He was either the first or second support picked in almost every fantasy league and only managed to to average the 9th most fantasy points this summer for all supports. His 15.23 points per game were not even close to the top 2 supports of the summer, Adrian and Yellowstar, who averaged 22.53 and 22.12 fantasy points per game respectively. Even SK Gaming’s support nRated, who had his worst split as a pro, managed more points per game this past split and he could of been picked up as a free agent after the draft. If you were one of the people spending a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round pick on Lustboy, you could not have been happy with his performance either. His split was not that bad all around, but he certainly did not meet people’s expectations.


4) CW Soren

In the 2015 spring split, Copenhagen Wolves players were producing a good amount of fantasy points. When the summer split came around, the Wolves failed to perform and now find themselves in the Challenger Series after finishing in 10th place. The two biggest disappointments were ADC Freeze and Mid laner Soren, but the entire team was a let down this split. Soren was expected to be a steal in the middle rounds of the draft for a mid laner. He ended up being the 24th scoring mid laner per game out of the 24 mid laners that registered any points at all in the summer split. He was not only the worst mid laner statistically, but he was the 4th lowest scorer per game out of every single player that participated in both leagues this summer. He would of secured a top 3 spot on this list if he was expected to be a star this split, but because he was only suppose to be a good rotational player he lands at number 4. If you had Soren on your roster this past summer, you might not have done that well this season.


3) GMB Diamondprox

The reliable Russian was not so reliable when it comes to fantasy points during the 2015 summer split. He was projected as a top 10 fantasy jungler this split and Gambit were going to challenge for a top 3 spot in Europe. The roster never gelled together well and they did not perform which lead them to an 8th place finish. Diamondprox scored the 23rd most points per game from the jungle position out of the 24 eligible junglers. He was scoring below 0 for multiple games this split as well which is what no fantasy owner wants from any player. Some fantasy owners of Diamondprox kept him all season long and suffered every week. Diamondprox, and the rest of Gambit, did not live up to the hype this past split and their fantasy numbers all took a huge hit.




2) C9 Meteos

Much like Diamondprox, Meteos was considered a top 10 fantasy jungler without a doubt heading into the summer split. Meteos managed to average the 20th most points per game out of the 24 junglers which makes this past split his worst in his career. Though he was a couple spots above Diamondprox, he finds himself at the number 2 spot because he was expected to score more points this split and he didn’t even finish the split. He was replaced on Cloud 9 by Hai towards the end of the split. Meteos and his 12.57 points per game hurt many fantasy owners as they started the veteran week after week. Cloud 9 as a whole was a huge fantasy disappointment during the summer split, and Meteos had the hardest drop off in points which is why he earned himself number 2 on this list.



The 2015 spring split MVP changed teams for the summer split and it absolutely destroyed his fantasy value. He was a 1st round pick in almost every league and with his new team Gambit, was expected to give Fnatic a run for their money this past split. As we know, Gambit flopped harder than Lebron James in the playoffs and none of their players should have been starting for anyone’s fantasy team. FORG1VEN managed only 13.57 points per game this split which was almost 20 points per game less than league leader Doublelift. FORG1VEN was expected to repeat his spring split performance and be one of the top scorers in all of fantasy. He is no longer considered Europe’s best ADC and his League career may have actually came to an end. Regardless, he earned himself the top spot on this list and is in my eyes the biggest bust of the 2015 summer split. BY FAR!



By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin