Gamers2 : The New Kids on the Block

Yesterday the European LCS gained another brand new team to its league, Gamers2. Gamers2 were able to defeat SK Gaming in their promotion series 3-2 to secure a birth in the 2016 EU LCS Spring Split. Gamers2 joins Dignitas EU as the 2 new teams of the European LCS as SK Gaming joins the Copenhagen Wolves in being relegated to the Challenger Series. This will be the first time in the history of European League of Legends that SK Gaming will not be in the LCS. A team with a long history in competitive play had their worst season by far, and now have to rebuild and look to earn a spot in the LCS next summer. For the time being though, here is the roster of the newest LCS team, Gamers2:

Top: SmittyJ

Jungle: Kikis

Mid: Perkz

ADC: Jesiz

Support: Hybrid


The Roster

The team consists of two players who have participated in the LCS before. Kikis as many people know by now was with the Unicorns of Love this past season. He helped them qualify for the 2015 spring split last summer and got to the finals that split. He stepped down from the team with only a couple of game remaining in the summer split and joined Gamers2 soon after. The other recognizable name on this team is Jesiz. Around this time last year, he was preparing for the World Championship as SK Gaming’s mid laner. His poor performances on the World stage led to his departure from the team and he went to North America soon after Worlds concluded. He joined Team Coast and qualified for the spring split in the NA LCS. Team Coast however went on to have the worst record in LCS history going 1-17. Jesiz was replaced in the middle of the season and he ventured back to the Europe. He then switched roles to ADC and joined up with Gamers2 after their former ADC Jebus went to North America to join Misfits. Which later renamed to Renegades and qualified for the North American LCS. Jesiz restored his confidence and helped his teammates achieve their dreams. SmittyJ showed strong performances all summer and is no pushover in the top lane. Perkz in the mid lane is hyped up to be one of the next big time mid laners in Europe and he will have his chance to show everyone what he is made of now. Hybrid is another consistent player in the support role who can make plays when his team needs him to. This Gamers2 roster will definitely need to improve in order to make the playoffs in the LCS, but I don’t think going into next spring they will be pegged as the weakest team in the league.

Road to the Promise Land

Gamers2 were a very consistent team throughout the Challenger Series and finished with an 8-2 record and were the number 1 seed heading into playoffs. They were upset by Mousesports in the first round of the Challenger Series playoffs however and saw their hopes for automatic qualification into the LCS disappear. They were forced into the 3rd place matchup with Denial eSports for the chance to play a LCS team in a relegation series for an LCS spot. Gamers2 rebounded strongly and swept Denial for the opportunity to keep their LCS dreams alive. Gambit Gaming then chose to face off against Mousesports in their relegation series which left SK Gaming matched up against Gamers2. Gamers2 were founded by Ocelote. For those who do not know who Ocelote is, he was SK Gaming’s mid laner from 2010-2013. He was one of the originals stars of Europe and one of the most well known players throughout Europe. He retired from competitive play at the end of 2013 and was replaced by Jesiz, his current team’s ADC. The story lines were through the roof with this matchup. Would Ocelote form the team to take out his old team? Could SK Gaming continue their long history of being an LCS team? It was an epic matchup that rightfully went the distance of 5 games. SK Gaming continued their struggles from the summer split and lost the first 2 games decisively to Gamers2. Kikis performed amazing on his Kha’zix (10-1-6) in Game 2 and carried his team to a 2-0 lead. SK were able to adapt and make changes after the first two games and were able to win the next 2 games to even the series at 2-2. Gamers2 were then the ones making adjustments as they gave SmittyJ a carry top laner instead of a tank and his Ryze (4-3-10) along with Perkz’s Orianna (6-0-11) led the way as Gamers2 disposed of SK Gaming after just 27 minutes. Ocelote was able to rejoice as his creation was able to defeat the team he was on when he gained his fame.


Today’s Schedule

So welcome Gamers2 to the European LCS! Gambit Gaming was able to easily defeat Mousesports 3-0 and retain their spot in the LCS yesterday as well. Later today the North American Promotion Series will take place as Enemy Esports will take on Team Coast in the first matchup. Then Team 8 will look to fend off Team Imagine in the second series. Coast and Imagine are looking to join the Renegades as new members of the NA LCS. Enemy and Team 8 will try to retain their spots and not fall to relegation like TDK did by finishing 10th. The two series today should be very entertaining as jobs are on the line, and dreams are crushed.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin