League of Legends All-Star Event 2015

Yesterday, Riot finally announced their plans for the 2015 All-Star Event. For the past two years, fans watched their favorite players face off in Shanghai (2013) and Paris (2014) in the middle of the year. Now your favorite players will meet up for one last event after the World Championship has ended and the off-season has begun to conclude season 5. The All-Stars will compete in Los Angeles, California at the home of the North American LCS. This year’s All-Star event looks to be bigger and better than previous year’s events.

2015 All-Star Event featuring:

  • Clash of Regions
  • Heated 1v1 matches also return to the All-Star event after being left out last year
  • Matches with fan-voted team compositions
  • Other fun game modes
  • Mixed Region roster showdowns

2014 All-Star event in Paris

This All-Star event comes at an unfamiliar time since players are usually done after the World Championship, but with the inclusion of the Mid-Season Invitational to Riot’s yearly schedule, the timing of the event makes sense. It will also have no effect on any players from different regions since it will be during the off-season. The event is scheduled to take place from December 10-13. The NA LCS studio in Los Angeles is also undergoing changes to prepare for the event. The normal studio layout is being changed to accommodate more fans for not only the All-Star event, but for future NA LCS events as well.

How Will All-Star Selections be Made?

Like the 2014 All-Star event last year, fans will be voting. The big change is that fans will be voting in their 5 favorite players for each respective region. They will create a 5-man “dream teams” for the NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK, LPL, and the LMS this time around. The International Wild Card teams are also getting involved this year so that no part of the League of Legends professional scene is missing. In the month after Worlds and the month before this All-Star event, there will be a International Wild Card All-Star tournament being held in Australia. The winner of that tournament will represent the IWC at Los Angeles against the best players in the world. That makes for 6 teams of each regions top 5 players. This teams will compete with and against one another in different events that will be later announced the closer we get to the All-Star event. Global voting will open sometime in November for selecting your top 5 players for each region. So who will you be voting for?


This event will be awesome for fans to get to see all their favorite players one more time during 2015. There will be loads of fun in these matches and the pros will compete for bragging rights and player rewards for their respective regions. Tune in for the 2015 League of Legends All-Star event in the middle of December so we all can end season 5 with a bang.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin