2015 LoL World Championship Format

With the World Championship quickly approaching, I have noticed that many League of Legends fans are not familiar with the format used at Worlds. After today’s Regional Qualifiers for Europe and North America, 12 out of the 16 teams participating at Worlds have been confirmed. The other 4 teams will be determined by September 5th. Worlds will take place across 4 different countries throughout Europe starting October 1st and finishing October 31st. Now it’s time for fans to get ready for the greatest tournament of the year. Here’s how Worlds is broken down.

Group Stage



After all 16 teams have qualified for Worlds, there will be a group draw that will take place. Depending on which seed each team received, they are placed in a pool. The number 1 seeds from each region are placed in pool 1. This means that we will not see these teams face off against each other as each group will have 1 team from this pool. For pool 2, there are 8 teams and each group will have 2 teams from that pool drawn into them. The remaining spot in each group will be filled with a team from pool 3.  The only stipulation with group draws is that no group can have 2 teams from the same region. For example, CLG is the number 1 seed from NA so they can not be drawn into a group containing the number 2 seed from NA (TSM) or the number 3 seed from NA (Cloud 9). The same applies to every team and each region. This insures that teams will be doing battle with 3 other teams from across the globe in their groups. Each team will face off against their 3 opposing group members two times (best-of-ones), so each team will play at least 6 games. We are still awaiting the number 2 and number 3 seeds from China to qualify, as well as the number 3 seed from Korea and the second International Wild Card tournament winner.

Knockout Stage


Example of a bracket for the Knockout Stage

The top 2 teams from each group will make up the knockout stage. This means that the field will be cut down from 16 to 8. The remaining matches for the rest of the tournament will be best-of-fives as well. Unlike in previous years, this year there will be random draws after the group stage to determine who will face off against one another in the quarterfinals. The draws will have only 2 stipulations. The first, teams that finish as the top team in their groups will be matched up against teams that finished as runner-ups in their groups. The second stipulation is that no two teams from the same group will be placed on the same side of the bracket. This means that any teams from the same group can not meet up again until the finals. This isn’t a huge change, but it does prevent teams from throwing group games in order to finish in a certain position to avoid a certain matchup. This will make every group stage game meaningful and exciting.


Dates and Locations


Le Dock Pullman in Paris, France

Group Stages: October 1-4, and October 8-11 – Le Dock Pullman in Paris, France

Quarterfinals:  October 15-18 – SSE Arena Wembley in London, England

Semifinals: October 24-25 -Brussels Expo in Brussels, Belgium

Finals: October 31 – Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany


The month of October will be a gold mine for League of Legends fans as we will get to see the best teams in the world compete with one another in a month long competition to see which team will be crowned the Season 5 League of Legends World Champions.


By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin