Champions You Should Ban in Patch 5.16

Are you first pick? Do you have the difficult job of banning? Are your teammates saying, “Ban Teemo plz”? Ignore them, I got you covered here. Every time I play League of Legends with my friends these days, they never know which champions should be banned. The banning phase of each game is very important and should be given thought. Hopefully this article can help those players that have no idea about who to ban in their games and can lead them to victory. While you only have 3 bans for your team, I’ll be covering 6 champs that should be banned in case the other team takes your bans.



My god this champion is strong. Skarner sits currently at a 62% win rate! That is a clear 7 points higher than the next highest champion. If Skarner isn’t banned or first picked for your team, you might want to start praying. His updates in the last patch make him an unstoppable force in the jungle. You can not even think about fighting him around any of his captured crystals. With the crystals being around baron and dragon, Skarner becomes extremely strong in objective control and fighting around them. The crystals in his jungle also make his clear speed extremely fast. Skarner being in the game right now is a nightmare for opposing teams, so do yourself a favor and give this champion the ban hammer.




If you aren’t familiar with the new Mordekaiser, you probably don’t want to find out first hand in your game. I see Mordekaiser being played in all high elo games these days. His new home in the bot lane makes games really frustrating when playing against him. The fact that he will always have the level advantage makes him annoying to lane against. Players really do not want to see his pet dragon either. A Mordekaiser can be punished, but in solo queue maybe not so easily. Just do yourself a favor and ban him unless you think it’s fun to lane against.


Elise_1 The spider lady continues to be a deadly pick for the jungle. Her kit makes her extremely potent for counter ganks and tower dives. A great Elise player can take over a game and carry her team to victory. She received a small nerf in patch 5.16, but that has had very little effect on her status in the current meta. Clearing the jungle is no problem at all for Elise. She can also take early dragons by herself and give her team ever more advantages. Unless you plan on first picking the spider lady, I strongly recommend banning her. Arachnophobia on Summoners Rift is real people.




Rengar is a strong pick in solo queue due to his ability to absolutely assassinate any carries on the enemy team. A good Rengar player will make great use of his ultimates, and get himself extremely fed. At that point, the opposing ADC is basically dead before every fight. Good team coordination can prevent Rengar from blowing up your team’s squishies, but in solo queue that may be asking a bit too much. Unless you have confidence in your teammates, Rengar should be on your ban list. Want to live life on the edge, leave Rengar open.


braum This big burly man has become the go to support in the current meta. He’s picked in every competitive region around the globe, and terrorizes solo queue as well. Braum does so much for his team, and he really is annoying to play against. Braum can stun multiple people in team fights by applying his passive to everyone around him. His ultimate can turn fights and swing them in his teams favor. Who doesn’t like getting knocked up am I right? Anyone who has had the privilege to lane against Braum also knows how amazing his shield is. It can stop an incredible amount of damage and leave opposing ADC’s questioning themselves as to why they picked ADC. Braum is a great all around pick at the moment and if you are not sure about who else to ban, then taking this manly champion out of the equation is always a good idea.



Garen_5 Only need 3 words to describe this champion. “Spin-to-win.” Garen was part of those “Juggernauts” that received a good amount of buffs in patch 5.16. His passive health regen is crazy once he gets spirit visage, and makes you question why you are even wasting time hitting him. If you can’t kite away from Garen, then you might want to start thinking about that surrender vote. Having his ultimate do true damage to the opposing players racking in recent kills makes him every more dangerous for carries to be around. I know I would be worried about team fighting and having this beyblade running at me. He can be countered, but if you do not have one planned you may just want to get Garen off the table as a possible pick in the banning phase.

If you do find other champions ban worthy, by all means ban them. These 6 champions are a starting point for those that have no idea what they are doing while banning. Other notable champions that received consideration for this list were Fizz, Master Yi, Shyvana, Viktor, Riven, Azir, and Gangplank. Everyone has their preferences, hopefully you can avoid the champions that make you want to uninstall the game after playing them. Stay informed summoners.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin