TvP Bronze – Diamond build

TvP Bronze-Diamond Proxy Factory

Best case scenario

Stim- Followup

Wastes PO stim and win

Easy build

Build goal:

With this build you can easily climb through your protoss opponents with widow mines walking into there mineral lines before any detection, If the protoss is proxy stargating you or anything like that they are just dead 100% of the time. Even when scouted this build can still be lethal.



Number denotes supply at which to build.

10 – Supply Depot

11 – Refinery

*on four player map send SCV that builds depot to scout once depot finishes

13 – Barracks

*if you don’t see Opp. on first scout send a second scv to the location your current scout isn’t going to

@100% barracks start the factory near opp base IMMEDIATELY

18 – depot

@100% factory lift it and land it in the protosses main (Some maps dont require this) queue 2 mines rallied to his mineral line. + Start marines at home *or you can make a reaper for distraction

23 – add barracks 2, and 3*And a tech lab on first rax

@125 minerals start Engineering bay for turrets

  • Start +1 attack, and stim when you have the gas

@100% first mine burrow it near the probes,and keep pumping them out!

Follow Up:

What I like to do for the follow up is usually the protoss will rush to get cannons or a robo to get rid of the mines, either unburrow and dodge the cannons or if you can see the obs scan and have the mine take out the observers for optimal salt inducing joy. From here if the protoss at any point uses a photon overcharge to defend against the mines he is dead every time. Even if the protoss sees the factory land in his main you can get 2 mines out and atleast kill some units, as long as you are doing the proper follow up on your end he should have issues not dying to a stim +1 push with medivacs


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to leave a comment or tweet at me @manipulationSC2

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