ACL Week 7 Preview

The regular season is coming to an end, and it is still too close to call in a number of races. While we have a clear favorite coming down the homestretch there is no guarantee they will be the 1st seed going into the playoffs. Divine is closing in on Viva and both teams are tied, but Viva’s 1 game advantage could make all the difference.

The final 3 playoff spots are still up for grabs with 6 viable teams all fighting to be there. Currently FIFA Harmony, Fc FiFa HoLiCz, and Extraordinary are holding their ground, but Never Unlucky, Arrechos SC and Sublime Skill are separated by just 3 points from 8th place.

Finally, the battle to avoid relegation is nearing its climax with Sporting Elite and Enjoy the Show guaranteed to be playing in Division 2 next season, only the 3rd spot remains unclear. Currently Goons N Goblins are 5 points away from safety, but with 5 games in hand over 17th place Joga Bonito this race is still not over.

The most exciting point of the regular season is just around the corner, and no one is safe from the ups and downs that ACL X will throw out.



fh (Home) v. d238ad188edae89bc52bb0353a914fa7 (Away) – Both teams have something to prove. Elusive is still a mystery to many in the league, and teams are unsure of how to cope with their offensive abilities which seem to appear out of nowhere. FIFA Harmony has struggled to find consistency all season and now risks following down the table at the worst possible moment. Both sides are in need of a win to set the tone heading into postseason play.

FIFA Harmony has had the potential to be a Top 4 contender all season. I personally had them pegged as a potential dark horse candidate to win the league or snatch a Top 4 place in the regular season. This seems less likely each and every week as the team finds new ways to struggle against teams it should be beating. Their whole squad should be fired up at the chance to take down a vulnerable Top 4 side, but will need to play their absolute best to do it.

Elusive continues to amaze with their ability to defy FIFA physics and receive the most incredibly bad goals at the best times. While scoring 29 goals is no mean feat, some question how Hype razor has managed such a total given the way his team plays in the buildup and final thirds of play. He’ll need to continue using whatever magic he has to keep this team going, as he is the only reason they are where they are right now.

ext (Home) v. fhz (Away) – An interesting matchup and one that seemed unlucky to be recognized only last week. But a surge by Extraordinary into a playoff spot has put this one on the map as a game to watch. Both teams are barking at the heels of the league leaders and will hope to find a surprise takedown in the quarterfinals. Neither is assured their place and must fight hard in every match or they may find their chances dashed by another opponent.

This is a must-win game for Extraordinary, who need this game to go in their Win-column badly. Several teams are breathing down their necks and any misstep could see a side who everyone predicted to make Top 8 easily, sitting in their chairs watching the playoffs on Twitch. It would be a big disappointment for this roster to fail to make the playoffs, no doubt.

Fc FiFa HoLiCz are also in a must-win situation. Their inability to take advantage of opportunities to climb the table has left them sitting in 7th place with several tough games in front of them. Their offense has produced sufficiently when needed, but their defense has been a weak point and one that good teams will seek to exploit. While many would doubt this, Extraordinary is a good team, and they will break open the game if FHz fails to play their absolute best.

**NOTE**: Both of these games were ACL Featured Matchups in Week 4 but these were rescheduled for later dates. The last week of ACL is upon us, and that requires every rescheduled game still pending to be played by the end of Thursday night.

viv (Home) v. 0bc51375f7df6cfe47c495d8eab0066b (Away) – A matchup that could be one of the best this season. Look for each of these sides to try and go for it all here. In this rescheduled clash between the 2 best teams in the league, anything and everything could happen. This one will be exciting to follow.

Viva have everything going for them, attack, midfield, defense, goalkeeping. It is all there. The team continues their march towards another ACL title, and in the last competition of FIFA 15 would set the tone for FIFA 16. Gringo ST 7 has been leading in the Golden Boot all season but a rough week opened the door to multiple challengers and he now finds himself looking up from 9th place. Viva’s defense is still the best in the league so long as Pep and Pony are on the same field.

Divine have really been incredible, the team has managed to improve itself each and every single week and now looks poised to be the only team that can unseat Viva Futbol from their supreme seat atop the league. The side now features a pair of goal scorers capable of producing when it matters most, Kev l 11 l and streets1014 lead the attack for a team that now seems to be full revved up just in time for the postseason.

viv (Home) v. ser (Away) – A clash between a pair of Top 4 sides is always an awesome experience to witness. This one will be no exception, and produce a great result. The league’s best midfield takes on the league’s best defense. What a great way to end the regular season.

Viva’s comeback season marches on in stellar fashion. They will need to bring their best game against Serenity however. Their strongest attribute will be tested against Serenity’s attack and will need to come up with a few key saves and stops. Draxler x10 has been part of the creative engine for this team and will be leaned on up top as the pressure from Serenity’s midfield mounts.

FC Serenity have been struggling of late but look to surge into the playoffs with a clean cut win over Viva. The team has been missing its star striker for much of the season, and has needed other players to step up to find goals and secure wins. If they are unable to bring their best player into the fold they may have issues in holding on against Viva.


Games of the Week

fh (Home) v. d238ad188edae89bc52bb0353a914fa7(Away) – While both sides have all but guaranteed a trip to the postseason, there seeds are not locked. Expect both teams to battle hard here for the opportunity to advance higher up the table for an opportunity to improve their playoff chances. Elusive have been outscoring all of their opponents lately and the pressure is on FH to stop the current Golden Boot leader, Hype razor. James l 15 l will hope his offense can locate their firepower or this one could be ugly. Prediction: 3-2, Elusive SC

**NOTE**: Both of the following Games of the Week featured in my “ACL Week 4 Preview”, but were never played. The final week of the season means all rescheduled games must be completed and this means we will witness these two games at some point during the week. Viva Futbol against Divine Footwork is tentatively scheduled for tonight after the end of the 2nd game on Tuesday. While Viva Futbol against FC Serenity is likely to be played either Wednesday or Thursday night. Below is what was written by me during Week 4, as well as an update on the current situation.

 viv (Home) v. 0bc51375f7df6cfe47c495d8eab0066b (Away) – This one is going to be a knockdown drag out fight. Haymakers and uppercuts, gentlemen. Those are what I expect to see coming from this game. Both teams will want to grab all 3 points, Viva have the upper hand having dealt Divine a 3-0 defeat in Week 3. I do not see this game being a blow out like their previous clash, Divine will want to show they can compete with the Top 2 teams. Neither side will have a clear path to victory this time around. Week 4 Prediction: 2-2, Draw – Update: Since Week 4 both teams have maintained their relative dominance over the rest of the league and currently occupy the 1st and 2nd place spots in the table. The arrival of streets1014 back to the top of his game, can only improve the excitement of this matchup. Week 7 Prediction: 2-2, Draw

viv (Home) v. ser (Away) – A 1-1 draw was the result the last time these two sides faced off in Week 3. Now both will be looking to take home a clear advantage as the final push to the finish line begins. Both teams will enter Thursday night having fought through a tough set of games. Mental exhaustion may be a factor, but I doubt it. I expect both sides to hammer back and forth, trying to find that decisive game changing moment. It could all come down to a set piece late in the game. Week 4 Prediction: 1-0, Viva Futbol – Update: After Week 4, FC Serenity saw their place in the standings fall from 2nd, and looking capable of unseating Viva Futbol to now facing uncertainty in their roster and future. Viva have consistently proven they are the best in the league, and unless Serenity can pull it together I do not see them having a real chance here. Week 7 Prediction: 2-0, Viva Futbol


Power Rankings

  1. viv – We get it. You are the best team in the league. Anything else I say would just be superfluous, as this team’s play speaks for itself. Last Week: 1st
  2. 0bc51375f7df6cfe47c495d8eab0066b – The team everyone had as preseason favorites, until the preseason actually started. The snakelife was real for Divine, but they managed to reload and now find themselves right where many thought they should be. Another great week from them and they could be the top seed heading into the playoffs. But only a great week will get them there. Last Week: 3rd
  3. ser – It is hard to say they are a team in free fall but they are. They risk falling out of the top 4 with another mediocre week. And while in the playoffs the difference between 4th and 5th seed is nonexistent, the difference between 3rd and 4th seed can be huge. Serenity knows which one they want, they have the ability to get to that 3rd seed and that is why I am holding them at 3rd in my rankings. Last Week: 2nd
  4. d238ad188edae89bc52bb0353a914fa7 – A true Cinderella story, no one saw this coming. Even the manager did not see it coming and he plays on the team. They have proven they can run with the teams at the top, but for how long and how fast can they sprint. The playoffs are about getting hot over a long stretch and sustaining it. Elusive have been consistent all season long but now they need to dig for that little bit of extra to win it all. Last Week: 5th
  5. ucf – Manager eXo Cavani has to be scratching his head. His team has been a disappointment the second half of the season. They have been unable to claim the Top 4 spot everyone expected them to, after a couple of below-standard weeks. Heading into the playoffs it appears unlikely they will secure a spot higher than 5th. But this team has the goods to win it all if they can come together and play like they did in the 1st half of ACL X. Last Week: 4th

Predicted Final Standings

  1. Viva Futbol (PL)
  2. Divine Footwork (PL)
  3. FC Serenity (PL)
  4. Elusive SC (PL)
  5. Unleashed CF (PL)
  6. Fc FiFa HoLiCz (PL)
  7. FIFA Harmony (PL)
  8. Never Unlucky (PL)
  9. Extraordinary
  10. Sublime Skill
  11. Arrechos SC
  12. Toque Callejero
  13. Black Market FC
  14. Sync Futbol
  15. FC Alliance
  16. FP United
  17. Goons N Goblins
  18. Joga Bonito (RL)
  19. Enjoy the Show (RL)
  20. Sporting Elite (RL)

PL – Playoffs, RL – Relegated

Golden Boot

  1. Hype razor – Elusive SC – 29
  2. FwC Danny – Extraordinary – 24
  3. l Sanders l – FC Alliance

Predicted Winner: Hype razor – Elusive SC – 33

Golden Gloves

  1. Viva Tracy – Viva Futbol – 16
  2. That Bottleface – Divine Footwork – 15
  3. KEVINHO – Elusive SC – 11

Predicted Winner: Viva Tracy – Viva Futbol – 18


There is so much to keep track of heading into the last week of ACL regular season play, but we are here for you and will insure you are kept in the loop right until they shut off the lights.