The Gauntlet: Who Will go to Worlds

This past weekend was absolutely insane for the League of Legends scene. With the EU finals going on in Stockholm and the NA finals going on at Madison Square Garden, it was a must watch weekend for League of Legends fans. The top teams of both regions competed in sold out arenas for the ultimate title for their region and a spot at the 2015 World Championship. Getting to Worlds is the main goal for every team at the start of the year and now that the Summer splits are done, what exactly is the next step? The regional qualifiers for North America and Europe otherwise known as “The Gauntlet”. There is only 1 spot left to fill at the World Championship from each region and I’ll give you all the information you need for the following week as teams fight for that last spot. Teams will compete in best of fives in order to get through all the competition and secure a birth at Worlds.


EU LCS Gauntlet



As we can see from the table, Fnatic have earned the EU #1 seed at Worlds for winning the Summer split championship and H2k have earned the EU #2 seed at Worlds due to accumulating the most points between both splits. The gauntlet then is composed of the 4 teams with the most points with the winner being awarded the #3 seed at Worlds for each region. Gambit Gaming, SK Gaming, and Copenhagen Wolves lose their points from the Spring split because they finished in the relegation zone during the Summer split. ROCCAT and Giants Gaming being tied at 20 means nothing because they face off in the first round of the gauntlet. The winner of that best-of-five will face off against Origen since they are have the next highest point total. Then the winner of that best-of-five will do battle against Unicorns of Love for the EU #3 seed at Worlds. Here’s a better look at the bracket:

EU Gauntlet bracket

EU Gauntlet Predictions:

I do not think Giants Gaming have a chance in the Gauntlet. I think ROCCAT will take the first best-of-five over them 3-0 and advance to play Origen in the 2nd round. Then I believe Origen will take the series over ROCCAT 3-1. ROCCAT did win both games against Origen in the Summer Split, but Origen looked much better in the playoffs and took the previously undefeated Fnatic to 5 games in the finals. I think Origen will move on to the final round against UOL where Origen will come out on top 3-1. I believe Origen will make it to Worlds and represent Europe as the #3 seed. I believe Fnatic, H2k, and Origen are the 3 best teams in Europe and should definitely be representing Europe on the biggest stage in the World. With Europe hosting this years World Championship, they should have plenty of fan support as well.


NA LCS Gauntlet


In North America, CLG secured the NA #1 seed at Worlds for winning the Summer split Championship. TSM also earned a birth at Worlds by accumulating the most points throughout both splits and are given the NA #2 seed. Just like in EU, the 4 teams with the highest point totals will take place in the Gauntlet. Gravity will face off against Cloud 9 in the first round. Team Impulse and Cloud 9 have the same point total, but the tie breaker is whoever earned more points in the Summer split, so Team Impulse will await the winner of the first matchup. That means Team Liquid will be the final boss of the gauntlet and will await whoever makes it through the first 2 stages. Whoever manages to come out victorious will earn the NA #3 seed at the World Championship. Here’s the bracket for the NA gauntlet:


NA Gauntlet Predictions:

I believe that the North American gauntlet will be a much closer contest than the European one. Every matchup will be tough and I don’t see any 3-0 sweeps happening. I think Cloud 9 with Hai back on the team looked much better towards the end of the split. Gravity on the other hand fell off more than any other team in the last two weeks of the season and for that reason I think Cloud 9 will come out on top 3-2 over Gravity. In the next round however, I don’t see Cloud 9 beating Team Impulse. I think Rush and company will take what they learned from their 3 best-of-fives from playoffs and be able to take out Cloud 9 with a 3-1 series win. Then Team Liquid and Team Impulse will play in yet another best-of-five to see who makes their trip to Worlds as the NA #3 seed. The 3rd place match was really close with Impulse having early game leads in all but one game, but I do not think they will be able to beat Team Liquid. I think Liquid will defeat Impulse again, this time 3-2, and secure a birth at the World Championship. The North American gauntlet will be extremely entertaining to watch.

When and Where?

The first matchups will take place this Saturday (August 29th). EU will be kicking off their series at 11am EST with the NA series following after, scheduled at 3pm EST. The second round will be the very next day on Sunday (August 30th)  starting at the same times. Then the final deciding match will be played on Monday (August 31st) starting once again at the same times. That’s 3 more days of best-of-fives for us LCS fans. These will be the final games for LCS teams until the World Championship. I’m pumped. Are you?


By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin