Week 6: Power Rankings

Before I start, I apologize for missing a couple weeks. I got caught up in other personal matters in my life. Hope you all enjoy the Power Rankings before we start the upcoming week of games in the ACL!

  1. Viva Futbol – No surprise that this powerhouse is once again running the table yet again. They are my favorites to lock-up the #1 seed for playoffs even though they still have a crucial game to play with everyone in the top 5 excluding Elusive. Besides a minor blip to FIFA Harmony, they rolled through the rest of their opponents last week, and you can expect more of the same next week as well. This could be the week they separate themselves from the pack.


  1. FC Serenity – With playoffs right around the corner, Serenity look like they will be stopped by no one. Led by LickMyBalotelli, they have put themselves in prime position to control their own destiny and win the regular season. Their midfield has been the core of this team and will be suffocating any team trying to get through it. Their defense has hardly had any work to allowing only 18 goals all season. Serenity will a tall task for any team to beat.



  1. Divine Footwork – Their style of play still upsets, but it has been destroying their opposition all season it is paying off Dividends. After a few position changes this team has really hit their stride and look like the true title contenders everyone expected out of them. The best part about this team is that it is someone new every night that steps up. That will be crucial when playoffs come around proving once again that outside back is a lot more important than people give it credit for.



  1. Unleashed CF – Quietly having a good season, but this still isn’t where they know they can be. Calvo has returned to being a goal poacher and the midfield has put immense pressure on opponents. I have always been a little suspect of their defense but if they are to move up in the standings, they need to have a great week next week. With a favorable schedule, it is very wel possible to see them sneak up a spot or two.



  1. Elusive – Well well well, what do we have here… This team is having quite the season, and have stayed remarkably consistent throughout the season, which is a bit unexpected. These guys are legitimate, no matter what happens for the rest of the season. Hype Razor and Rav l 10 l are a dynamic duo up top shredding every defense this season. In the backline, Fiddleton and Nick Foyles are having a breakout season by shutting things down defensively. This is a fun team to watch, should bring a lot of trouble in playoffs.


  1. FIFA Harmony – Once again they find themselves struggling to find some consistency. Beating Viva 1-0, then getting demolished by Divine 3-0. One can only wonder what this would be like if they could keep form. Viva Reyes is still balling out for them and as long as he keeps doing that, then they can compete with anyone. They will have to step Tuesday, as they have to play Serenity and Unleashed. At least 3 points would be good results for them out of those two games.



  1. Fc FiFa HoLiCz – As I said before, look out. They have made a big playoff push and have put themselves in a great position with the last full week of games approaching. If they can continue to pull out points against big teams, they could finish top 5.


  1. Never Unlucky – They may have the oldest squad in the league, but they play with young spirit. Diggs has found a way to re-kindle his form of FIFA 12 & 13 to light a fire under his team, but the newer guys of Unlucky are making their mark. Owen l 10 l has showed some incredible CB versatility, and Pombo has shown everyone that he can to more than start an argument. They have a tough week this week and their playoff hopes will rely on some HUGE results. Easily my pick for team to watch out for this week.


  1. Arrechos FC – Arguably the team in worst form right now could not come at a worse time. Still vying for a playoff spot, they will need to really buckle down and pick-up some huge points this week if they are to regain their playoff spot. With an easy week ahead, they can sneak back up and regain their form.


  1. Toque Callejero – This team has been on it lately and have put themselves back on the map to get into the playoffs. l sT l Yoheer has pounded opponents with 14 goals to carry this squad. With a good week this week, they could very well find themselves salvaging a playoff spot after many, including myself, had written them off.


  1. Sublime Skill – I don’t care if I get some crap about putting them too high. They have been one of the best defensive teams in the league, are still in a great position to earn playoffs, and still have loads of talent on the squad. They have actually managed to be better without their manager Aclrian. xMIDGET PROx has really stepped up and had 5 assists last week to get his team a 4 game win streak. They hope to continue this form with playoffs right around the corner.


  1. FP United – Making a huge jump from last time I made these rankings, FP United have pulled themselves from relegation to success. With defensive veteran Pridemaster coming back, he has helped lead this team on a march to playoffs. They still have plenty of work to do but could be a darkhorse team to pull off some upset this week.


  1. Black Market – Umm…. I’m not sure what happened to this team… Maybe the ball never came down after their 3284th LB+Y, but they have been absolutely dreadful lately have taken themselves out of a playoff spot. They still have a chance, but they will need to pull out some huge wins this week. Danilo l 23 l needs to lead his team in pre-game prayers and trust in The Lord to resurrect and hopes of playoffs.


  1. Extraordinary – One thing I will say about them, is that I respect the fact that they have had 15 different players play 9 or more games. With that much rotation though, it pays a price. They will need to solidify themselves and focus this last week if they are to push for playoffs.


  1. Fc Alliance – They have moved up in a big way since the last time I made these rankings, but I think it is too little too late for these guys to make some serious noise. The biggest thing for them is to stave off relegation.


  1. Sync Futbol – Easily the most dissatisfying team, but still manage decent results. Even though they find themselves slipping in the table, I am confident that they will not be relegated, although, anything could happen with this bunch.


  1. Joga Bonito – They starting to look promising then dropped off right back in bad form. Relegation is very well possible but certainly have a good enough team to avoid it and tiptoe their way into mid-table obscurity.


  1. Goons N Goblins – They have a great GK in wHH Ikerinho and a decent striker in Ferovelo. That’s just about it. Relegation expected for them unless they pull off some upsets which is still possible for this club on their last breath.


  1. Enjoy the Show – Still waiting for the show to start…. No? Alright cool. This team is absolutely abysmal and couldn’t defend if their lives depended on it. They have given up 70 goals before the final week, and if I were them, I would forfeit to save myself from potentially giving up 100 by season’s end.


  1. Sporting Elite – Still in last place, still trash, still going to be relegated. They are going to be in D2 next season and it might actually be better for them. At this point, anything is better than getting dicked down like Lisa Ann in D1…