LCS Semifinal Weekend Recap

We were down to the final four teams in North America and Europe. The stakes were high and 2 teams in each region came one step closer to their ultimate goal. Semifinal weekend just finished and it was a fantastic weekend to watch some League of Legends. If you missed any of the action don’t worry, because I got you covered.


EU LCS Semifinals


(2) Origen vs (3) H2K

In Europe’s first semifinal matchup, we got to see Origen square off against H2K. Origen won both meetings during the regular season, so they were the favorites coming in. In the first game, Origen’s Amazing and Soaz completely dominated the top lane/jungle matchups. Odoamne and Loulex looked out of sort and were beaten up pretty badly. Origen’s mid laner, xPeke, had a great Ahri game (5-1-8) and helped his team take the 1-0 lead over H2K. Game 2 was very similar to the previous game. Amazing’s Rek’Sai was all over the map and outperformed Loulex immensely. Mithy had a flawless Janna game (0-0-10) and helped secure a 2-0 lead for his team. In game 3 however, H2K came out firing with their playoff lives on the line. Ryu played Fizz in the mid lane and capitalized on any mistakes made by Origen. Odoamne finally got his hands on one of his best champions, Maokai. He was able to make an impact throughout the game and finished with a 3-2-14 scoreline. Hjarnan’s Corki (7-0-10) really stole the show and helped keep H2K alive in the series now only down 2-1. In game 4 though, Origen rebounded on the backs of Soaz and Niels and secured their birth into the EU LCS Finals. Soaz in game 3 had a fabulous Gnar game (6-0-7) and punished Odoamne all game. Origen looked the better side all day and the 3-1 series win confirmed that. Origen have to be proud of their season no matter that outcome in the next round after making it to the finals in their very first split as a team.



(1) Fnatic vs (4) Unicorns of Love

The other semifinal matchup in Europe this weekend was a rematch of the Spring split finals between Fnatic and Unicorns of Love (UOL). Fnatic coming in after going 18-0 during the regular season were clearly the favorites in this series. Fnatic did not disappoint when it came to the 3 games it took to sweep UOL in this round. Game 1 was a 26 minute slaughter by Fnatic. They picked up 16 kills while only having 2 deaths. Vizicsacsi had a terrible time in the top lane getting dove by Reignover’s Elise and Huni’s Riven over and over. The contest was never in doubt after the 10 minute mark, and Fnatic emphatically closed the game out quickly. Game 2 was the longest game of the series at a whopping 31 minutes. The duo lane of Rekkles and YellowStar completely dominated UOL’s duo of Vardags and Hylissang. The duo lanes were a combined 7-2-18 for Fnatic and 0-6-6 for UOL. Mid lane Ezreal for PowerOfEvil could not do enough damage in team fights to lead the Unicorns to a win. Fnatic’s comp was built to run real fast at the enemy with Sivir and Lulu and that’s what they did. UOL couldn’t react quick enough and it led to a 2-0 deficit in the series. Game 3 was also a quick and decisive victory for Fnatic. Yellowstar and Febiven both finished with a matching score of 0-0-15. Rekkles recorded a pentakill at the end and sent Fnatic to the finals where they will do battle with Origen. Fnatic did clinch a spot at the World Championship due to this result. They have the most championship points no matter the outcome next week, but they will be going for the #1 seed for EU. Now with a record of 21-0, Fnatic seem to be the clear favorites heading into next weekend.

YellowStar celebrating



NA LCS Semifinals


(2) CLG vs (3) Team Impulse

The first semifinal in North America was very surprising. Not because of who won, but how it ended. A 3-0 sweep caught a lot of people off guard. CLG played exceptionally well and rarely made mistakes in the mid to late game and lead to them closing all 3 games out.  The first two games of the series can be described in 2 words; “Doublelift’s Tristana”. Doublelift posted scores of 8-1-8 in game 1 and 6-2-6 in game 2 and did the majority of the damage in both games for CLG. He took turrets, out-farmed everyone, and team fought really well on Trist. Team Impulse had a very disappointing pick and ban phase throughout the series and did not seem to try to make any adaptions against CLG’s strategies. Xmithie looked strong on Ekko and was able to play it every single game of the series. Team Impulse tried to fight CLG with a 1 threat team composition in the first two games, both failed. Game 3 was the first sign of any changes in TIP’s strategy, but it was too late. CLG had enough confidence and momentum to easily take game 3 and earn a spot in the NA LCS finals for the first time ever in their team’s history. CLG will need to perform at an elite level again to take home the championship and guarantee themselves a place at the World Championship.


(1) Team Liquid vs (5) TSM

In the final, and most anticipated matchup of the weekend, the defending champions from the Spring split TSM took on the number 1 seeded Team Liquid. Game 1 started off in Team Liquid’s favor as they were out to an early gold lead at the start, but TSM continued to win 5v5 team fights and climbed back into the game. Then the play of the weekend happened when WildTurtle stole baron from Team Liquid with Jinx’s Super Mega Death Rocket.

It tilted the game into TSM’s favor and Liquid could never recover after that. TSM systematically took down the base and jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the series. Turtle finished the game with an impressive 10-0-5 scoreline. In game two, Santorin got his hands on his favorite jungler Nidalee and Bjergsen played Azir for the second game in a row at an elite level. Santorin was able to help keep Quas down in the early game and it resulted in a weaker team fighting team for Liquid. TSM excelled in the 5v5 skirmishes once again and carefully took objectives which led to yet another win for TSM. The 2-0 lead seemed insurmountable for Liquid after those 2 defeats. In game 3 however, Liquid changed up their bans and managed to put Santorin on Evelynn, which is not one of strongest champions. Piglet’s Vayne (9-1-9) got off to a slow start, but after a couple team fights and picks he was able to carry his team back into the series. Fenix was also able to take back Azir from Bjergsen in game 3 and finished with a 6-1-10 scoreline to help his team stay alive. There was finally an Azir ban in game 4, but Santorin was able to get back on his Ekko that he had so much success with in game 1. Santorin and Dyrus made sure IWillDominate had an awful time and bullied him throughout the game. Dom’s Gragas (1-6-1) had little to no impact all game and hurt his team in the long run. WildTurtle’s Jinx (5-1-6) once again thrived in team fights and landed great Super Mega Death Rockets all series. TSM were able to break down Team Liquid and clinch a 3-1 series win and a trip to the NA LCS finals. With the result, TSM also became the 6th team to secure a spot at the World Championship this year. Regardless of the results of next week TSM will be at Worlds. Like Fnatic, TSM will look to earn that #1 seed next weekend though.

TSM thanking fans after the series win

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin