FIFA FVPAA Pro Clubs: Five Questions With That Bottleface

     Every ACL competition has its own unique storyline and standout performances that sets the tone for the entire season. Last year it was the usually dominate VIVA Futbol finishing in an unprecedented 5th place during the regular season. This year, however, focuses on one man who is absolutely shredding up the competition  in the ACL’s 2nd Division. While the 2nd division of ACL is still young, in only in it’s 3rd season, this may be the single most impressive performance we’ve seen to date. Some critics may devalue his performance due to the fact that it’s a lower division, but it still takes skill to be this dominant in a full season.


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You’ve been a goalie for most of your career, how do you think striker has treated you thus far?

Switching from goalie to striker was difficult at first because no one was willing to give me a shot at playing striker. When I finally got the call up to play striker for Demolition FC I felt relieved because it gave me the chance to see if I could finally make it as a striker. I think I’ve proven to myself and everyone else that I can finish my chances. So I think striker has treated me pretty well for my first season.

You were the top goal scorer by a large margin in Division 2. Did you expect to be this dominate when you started this season?

I definitely knew that I was going to do well this season because I had a good solid team around me, but I definitely went above and beyond my objectives for this season. I’ve always been good at UT but I didn’t know that my goal scoring would carry over to pro clubs.

What do you attribute your success to this campaign?

I think that the build up play from the midfield allowed me to get so many chances to score goals. Also just getting the opportunity to play striker was a success for me. I knew when to keep it simple and when to mix things up.

What are your plans for next season?

My plan for next season is to stay with Demolition FC because I feel like we have a good group of guys to do well in D1 next season. Hopefully we could get some new players to strengthen the team even more.

Did you have anything else you wanted to say?

I would like to give a big thanks to B1GRE1D for giving me the opportunity to play striker this season.