PvP (PvT) Fast DT Robo Expand build

PvP (PvT) Fast DT Robo Expand build:

PvT example Moonlight Madness

PvP Best case scenario


Build goal:


With this build you will get the fastest possible DTs all while remaining pretty safe with Photon Overcharge as well as getting a robo and an expansion off the back of a potentially game ending opener




9 – Pylon


13 – Gateway (Send the probe that makes the gateway out to proxy a pylon)


15 – 2 Assimilators (When finished put 3 in each gas)


16 – Proxy Pylon


18 – or @100% gateway make Cyber core

@100% Cyber Core immediately place Twilight council at proxy pylon Start WarpGate  chrono warp gate from now until it’s done and your MSC)


24 – Pylon

@100% Twilight make proxied Dark Shrine then send this probe to scout and place a closer Proxy Pylon if necessary


@50 gas Make a stalker from gate then place another gate as soon as you can without cutting probes.

Use this stalker to scout around your natural area to ensure you dont have any aggression coming to kill you.


@100 gas Make Robo


As soon as DarkShrine finishes warp in 2 DTs and this may kill your opponent out right, if not however follow up with this:


@400 minerals Place nexus then get an observer.


From here if your Dts died you should know what tech they opted for to respond accordingly.




This build has a very 50/50 chance against a 4 gate if they pick off the MSC before you overcharge the first time you are dead, if not you can hold out warp 1 DT in your main for defense and 1 to attack his mineral line


Vs a stargate opening if the first thing they make is an oracle and keep it at home they will likely keep you from doing damage however if its going phoenixs you will likely kill them outright.


Then against a robo first into expand build you will likely do no dmg, however keep in mind you can expand and still drop dts occasionally unless they find your darkshrine.