Top League of Legends Streamer Banned from Twitch for Fake Swat Prank

Trick2g is one of the most popular streamers on, yet he finds himself banned after his actions on August 1st. Trick was finishing up on his 24 hour stream to celebrate reaching 800k followers on Twitch when his big finale got him in trouble. Trick had 2 guys pretend to be swat members and arrest him on stream in front of viewers. Although it was quickly confirmed as a joke, many people may have taken offense to this action.

For those that do not know what swatting is, it is when a hacker gets a streamer’s information and calls the police to report a serious crime (hostage situation, robbery, etc.) and have a swat team show up to the streamers home and watch on stream as the action unfolds. It is a very serious matter in the streaming community that some individuals seem to still consider a joke to do to someone. It is a very dangerous situation that no streamer wants to be involved in. Here is the video of Trick’s fake swatting prank.


Community’s Reaction

The 2g army (Trick2g’s fans) have been really upset after learning about his ban. A post on his ban blew up on the League of Legends sub-Reddit and soared to the top of the front page. From what I have seen, the majority of people do believe a ban is worthy, the length of that ban is still under question. It was first reported as a 4 month ban, but a Twitch representative has said that the ban is not permanent, nor is it 4 months long. The ban is believed to be much shorter than 4 months by many, and I think anything under a month would be reasonable. Trick makes his living streaming, and makes Twitch loads of money doing it on their site. To ban him for four months from using their site would be extreme in my opinion. Trick currently has over 821,000 followers which puts him in the top 15 of all streamers on Twitch.

Team 2g released the following statement after the stream:

To take that stream ending serious is absurd, Trick was laughing, the person used was NOT in disguise and was the same person who was on the stream all day yesterday setting up cameras and assisting the stream. The ending was scheduled for 3PM which again if thought process was used in any way, one would know that a swat team would not wait until the end of a stream to engage.

We don’t have to always be politically correct to have a sense of humor and we don’t have to hide the fact that we think something is funny simply because someone might not.

The 2g army will continue to say that it was all just a joke, but swatting is a serious matter and I understand why Twitch has decided to ban Trick at this time. In an extreme case, one of Trick’s viewers would laugh at the joke and find it as a funny thing to do to someone and actually have another streamer swatted for fun. I think anyone can see that Trick’s intention with this stunt was just an entertainment move to get people talking/laughing, which it did! However, it probably wasn’t the best idea he’s ever had. I would like to think the ban will only last about 2 weeks, but a timeline has not been confirmed by anyone. Trick will learn from his mistake and will probably give his ideas more thought in the future to avoid backlash like this. In the mean time, the 2g army will just have to find another streamer to follow cause Trick’s hairline won’t be the only thing missing.


**Latest Update** Apparently Trick’s ban is only for 1 day as Daily Dot’s Richard Lewis reports. The 2g Army can breath easy.


tricks hairline


By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin