ACL Season X Week Two: Power Rankings

  1. Viva Futbol – Once again this group of vatos find themselves at the top of the table and on top of these rankings.  Led by the amazing scoring trio of Gringo ST 7, Omar l 1 l, Draxler x10, they lead the league in goals scored by 12 while scoring 3.2 goals a game. Besides one slip against Never Unlucky, Viva hasn’t even blinked at the rest of the competition. Next week they play every Top 5 team and have yet to play their game against 6th place FIFA Harmony. Tough schedule but I believe they get through it and remain atop the standings at the end of the week.
  2. Unleashed CF – Calvo and his boys are making another big run to the title, and are starting to look like the Unleashed team that won an ACL a couple seasons back. No one has yet to defeat them but have had 3 draws and 6 games won by 1 goal. They haven’t looked dominant but they have still won and that’s all that matters. eXo Cavani has dusted off his scoring boots and has rocked GKs left and right this season with an already astounding 9 goals to his name. Unleashed also goes through the Top 5 gauntlet next week so grinding out 1 goal wins may be a little more hard to come by this next week.
  3. Divine Footwork – There’s just something about the way Divine plays that makes you mad. One minute they’ll defend with all 11 players behind the ball, then hit you with an absolutely nasty counter attack and you’re down 1-0 in the blink of an eye without knowing what hit you. Streets and Dirty have this team running like a well oiled machine and have yet to catch a loss on their record so far this season. Out of all the Top 5 teams, I think they’re schedule plays out the best and they’ll be more likely than any team to improve their place in the standings. Wouldn’t be surprised at whatever happens in their upcoming week.
  4. FC Serenity – This hurts to say, but they arguably have the best midfield pressure I’ve seen in FIFA. It’s like a shark smelling blood in the water. A solid defense and timely scoring have carried this team through and currently sit in 3rd place in the standings. This week will be a nice test for the…defending champions (*Listens to league-wide groans*).  If they were to ever show their dominance and arrogance, this would be the week to do it. Should be interesting to see how this year’s version of Serenity stacks up with the rest of the top teams.
  5. FIFA Harmony – Led by Viva Reyes on offense and James l 15 l on defense, they have had a solid season thus far for this being a still relatively new team. Posting a 6-2-3 record, they have had great results, and occasional glimpses of inconsistency. They can compete with top teams though, that’s for certain. After already having a week of Top 5 teams, they settle down with teams in the bottom half of the table and should move up a few spots in the standings by the end of the week.
  6. Elusive – I don’t think even Elusive were expecting THIS much success early on. Now they have had a relatively easy schedule thus far, but no credit will be taken as they have earned their spot at 5th in the standings. The defense of Elusive will really have to step up this week if they are to stay where they are in the standings. Everyone loves a good upset, Elusive have plenty of opportunities this week to prove they belong.
  7. Black Market – It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope… It’s Black Market switching the ball or sending a random LB+Y up the field. While they have a good record so far, and their defense is really good, the style of play makes you worry how they’ll fare against better defenses then what they have played so far. They’ll need to improve if they are still to compete for a title and will have to earn their spot by pulling off some crucial top 5 wins this upcoming week.
  8. Fc FiFa HoLiCz – As if this team wasn’t Hispanic enough, they somehow got even more latino. The new look HoLiCz have added many of the FMVP superstars and it has paid off so far and are still in a very good spot in the standings. Knowing their history, don’t be surprised to see this team creep up in the standings and make a really big push here soon. They have a good opportunity next week to do so.
  9. Arrechos FC – I’m sold that everyone on this team has a High/High workrate. Basically the dumbed-down version of Divine Footwork, but with far less offensive firepower. If they could snake one or two more playmakers, I could see this team as a very big threat to the top tier of the teams in the standings. But as it stands, they will rely on defense, which isn’t the worst thing in the world.
  10. Extraordinary – Anyone else find it that the most American person in the VPN, DiLo l 19 l, has to rely on former FMVP champions to supply his team’s goals? Either way, his team hasn’t played their best, but has pulled the most confusing results of the season. A little more consistency and I’d consider this team to compete with the top dogs; but for now, they can only bark like the top dogs. A good week next week could change my mind.
  11. Never Unlucky – Easily play the most boring style in the league, but still manage solid results. They are the only team to manage a point by Viva thus far and actually beat them. They have the talent and experience; it’s a matter of putting it all together. I can say that this team should be every team’s favorite because Pombo’s posts in the Facebook group have gone down at an amazing rate since joining these guys. That’s something to be happy about, right?
  12. Sublime Skill – They won! They finally won a fucking game! Pretty sure Adrian’s hair was turning grey but they finally did it. This could be the start of a streak for them after a much needed morale boost. Bringing in DeStefano x should help their defense but only putting up 9 goals in 11 games will not bring in the much needed results. All the talent in the world, but they can sort it out with little adjustments. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this team make a HUGE jump next week in the standings.
  13. Sync Futbol – This team has been through much scrutiny this season, and it starts at manager Henriques l 3 l. Rumors of on field fighting and off the field drama will only hurt this team. Sitting at 12th in the standings, this team still has a run in them but it will have to be through a whole team effort. They have an opportunity to knock off some top teams while beating down some lower tiered teams this week. Good chance to move up.
  14. Toque Callejero – 11th in the standings, but 14th on this list. Easy answer to why. They have yet to perform well against better standing teams, and have their toughest week ahead of them. I have not been impressed but could easily be proven wrong this week. Don’t be surprised to see them make the biggest drop in the standings come this time next week.
  15. Joga Bonito –They have the potential to be good and haven’t played too terrible against the top teams. A few changes here and there and you could talk about this team sneaking a playoff spot, but that will take a lot of effort and work out of them. Defense and midfiled will really need to step up if this team is to have a chance to compete.
  16. Enjoy the Show – This team is nothing like the one that was playing in an ACL Final a few seasons ago. They don’t even look like a playoff contender anymore. A sad drop off of talent has led this team to a disappointing 15th place so far in the season. Farrell needs to wake his guys up as it seems like they are already thinking about next season on FIFA 16.
  17. Goons and Goblins – Talk about wasting a miracle of even being in Division 1. In lowly 19th place this season, they will need everything they’ve got to give to stave off the drop to D2. Experience of FIFA vets kny88 and wHH Ikerinho will need to carry this team or else they will suffer more and more losses for the rest of the season.
  18. FP United – No offense, no defense. I’m almost at a loss for words for this team. Relegation seems likely for them unless they sign some decent free agents or pull off some upsets.
  19. FC Alliance – Having traffic cones as defenders isn’t the best way to play FIFA, and it clearly hasn’t work well for this team. They have even somehow given up more goal than Sporting Elite, which might be the best accomplishment achieved so far by any team this season. Expect this team to drop further and start fading away after next week.
  20. Sporting Elite – They are definitely in competition to be the worst team to ever step on an ACL pitch. Jesus will have to come down and bless every single one of these players if they are to avoid relegation. Due to that unlikely circumstance, I’d be surprised to see this team even grab another point by season’s end; unless Sublime are trying to tie the season record for most draws in a single season.