Q & A with eLevate Lovellyy

In my brief time competing in and watching the competitive Smite Xbox One scene, I’ve come across multiple players who I have seen as positive role models in the community. One of the first pro players I came across was Robert “Lovellyy” Love, who is now known as eLevate Lovellyy and previously known as Aware Lovellyy. Lovellyy is currently competing in the Premier League of the ESNLA as the mid-laner for Team eLevate. While tons of gaming organizations have reached the scene, eLevate is one of the few that you can really consider to be pro. Despite his inability to land his Fire Giant Kraken’s in time (Keepo), Lovellyy is one of the best mid-laners currently in the scene so I have decided he will be the first of many of my Q & A articles.

So after a long day at work for Lovellyy, I was able to sit down with him and find out more about his history with Smite and what has shaped him into the pro he is today.

Of course the question I wanted to know is what brought him to Smite and why he decided to leave the original version on PC and make his way over to a beta version on a console.

“I saw an advertisement for it (PC) in the Fall of 2012 and saw that it was in closed beta. I decided I would try to scrounge around to find a code for it to give it a try. I had just got done building my own PC and was interested in MOBA’s and had a slight disinterest in League of Legends so I thought I’d give it a try.”

I wasn’t very familiar with his history on the PC version of Smite so I asked him how his time on the PC prepared him for the Xbox version and if that experience is what gave him the head start he needed on Xbox.

“I think my experience on PC is 100% of what has impacted my game on the X1 scene. All the knowledge I gained from playing over the past two years has really helped me already on the X1 scene.”

Lovellyy’s team was one of the first to really get a sponsor despite the fact that they dropped their initial sponsor (@AwareGaming) for their current one (@eLevateGG). I wanted to find out what was the secret for them to find such a good sponsor so fast and synchronize such a good team as well. To much surprise, his team was actually formed in a very simple yet obviously efficient fashion.

“I asked around the PC community on who was interested in making the move to the X1 scene and I eventually found the right guys to create a squad with. At the beginning of the competitive scene on X1 we weren’t as active in tournaments as other teams but we were actively scrimming against Eager daily who is the alleged best team in the game. Those competitive scrims plus the bid to the SPL through ESNLA gave us the sway to persuade organizations to give us a closer look.”

While being sponsored may sound like the dream of every competitive gamer, it comes with its requirements. Lovellyy informed me that eLevate isn’t too strict or controlling but everything him and his teammates do is closely watched by the organization, it’s fans and the Smite community as a whole. He also said they really want to represent eLevate as best as they can and reach all the goals eLevate has for them.

The question most of us probably want to know is what makes eLevate good and keeps them at the top of their game. So of course I asked Lovellyy what he and his team do to keep themselves at the top.

“We watch A LOT of gameplay; whether it be from our scrims, tournaments or from other teams (PC & X1). Every win and loss counts and there is always something to learn from it whether positive or negative. A key to us continuing to improve is to never get down from a loss but rather just learn and improve. Every past mistake is a chance to improve and sharpen your skills so that next time you can execute the task better.”

I proceeded to asking more into eLevate and how they are doing in other competitions specifically the ESNLA. They currently sit in third place after dropping an intense pair of games to eGr after getting an early set win against “Missing Ults”.

“I think we compare extremely well with the top teams, specifically eGr. They are a very good team but our strengths definitely show in the new Meta, rather than the old Meta. Unfortunately, we had to play them early in the season when the old Meta was still around, so we struggled. We are confident to finish just behind eGr after Season I. This new meta will definitely let us unveil the strategies and tricks we’ve been preparing.”

Lastly I had to look into how him and eLevate are preparing for the SWC after the most recent announcement that there will be an Xbox competition for SWC that will boast a prize pool of $150,000.

“A lot of practice. Studying is just as important as scrimming. Learning other team’s weaknesses will give us the competitive edge and I know we have what it takes to get a bid to the LAN and thus compete to the fullest for the grand prize.”

So obviously Lovellyy is fairly confident about his team’s ability to compete on X1 and it is fully deserved. Only time will tell if the new Meta change really will be what gives Team eLevate the boost they need to surpass the giant Team Eager.

Give Lovellyy a follow on Twitter at @eLevateLovellyy and watch his streams (MLG.tv/Lovellyy) for more looks at him and Team eLevate!