The Beginning of the Future

Every day, Smite for Xbox One reaches closer and closer to its official release and exiting the beta stage. Every day, organizations across the globe are getting their hands on the best talent they can find to hopefully get an early foothold in the competitive scene before it completely takes off. For the organizations who haven’t been able to do so already, I fear you may be running out of time. This week, Scott Gandhi, Xbox One Smite Systems Designer and eSports Manager announced the coming of the Smite World Championships, for Xbox. Not too much was released about the complete details but for the general cover of it all, the SWC for PC and Xbox will be held at the same time and the Xbox competition will be a 4 team invitational held for a grand prize of $150,000. While this prize is quite large, it doesn’t even compare to the $1.3M that was awarded to Cognitive Prime (now Cloud9 G2A) for winning the SWC for PC last year.

As Smite reached open beta on July 8th, the game has done nothing but completely take off since then. UMGGaming and Major League Gaming have taken a huge part in developing the competitive scene on Xbox by hosting multiple tournaments already on console. UMG and MLG themselves have already held a few $1k grand prize tournaments. These tournaments have helped some very big name eSports organizations find the cream of the crop and has helped the ESNLA (eSports National League Association) get a foothold for their temporary leagues that are very much helping the competitive community grow. It was just announced that UMG will be hosting a LAN event that the winner of the event will be given the first spot in the SWC invitational. Not too many details on how to qualify for this specific event have been announced but it is known that great results in UMG hosted tournaments will help you secure a spot in this exclusive LAN event.

While some of the bigger names in Smite eSports haven’t taken a leap into the Xbox scene just yet, Team eGr an organization that currently hosts an SPL team was one of the first to reach the scene by acquiring a team formerly known as No Remorse. eLevate Gaming and Mortality eSports also have made a huge jump into the scene by acquiring teams in the top tier of the current talent pool. As more and more eSports teams acquire teams I expect to see the overall gameplay knowledge increase and the competitiveness to reach an all-time high.

This upcoming week will be huge and definitely expect to see some content from me. With the biggest update yet to Xbox coming this Tuesday that will be including Spectator mode, New God Ravana, Complete Meta Change and of course RANKED, I expect to see some teams fall off, some new teams to rise from the ashes and for somebody to really take the foothold at the top of the scene.

That’s all for now, Enjoy!


  1. Great read man!

  2. This starts to have real significance when you consider the growth and stability of the pro scene. Many esports players are young, single and very likely in some stage of their education.

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