NA/EU LCS Award Predictions

After each split for the NA and EU LCS there are a couple of awards given out to outstanding players and coaches. Each region recognizes the coach of the split, rookie of the split, and their most valuable player of the split. I’ll be going through my top candidates for each award as well as who I think will win them.

EU LCS Coach of the Split

FNC Deilor: Not much of a question here. Fnatic’s coach led them to an easy 1st place finish and the first undefeated season in LCS history (18-0). Fnatic set many records along the way and Deilor should rightfully claim this trophy without much contest. Last split’s winner, H2K Prolly, is not going to repeat and the only coach that might snag a vote away from Deilor would be Origen’s LeDuck. Origen’s 2nd place finish in their first split as a team will be very much overshadowed by Fnatic’s perfect season. Shouldn’t even be a discussion about this award here.

Fnatic's coach Deilor

Fnatic’s coach Deilor

EU LCS Rookie of the Split

OG Niels: I also think this award is pretty easy to give out. Their actually was not that many rookies this split compared to the Spring split. Niels had a fantastic debut split with Origen as his team finished 2nd in the standings in their first split. Niels was the only rookie on his team despite being a brand new team, and the veterans around him definitely helped him transition into the professional scene with ease. A couple honorable mentions could be given out to ROCCAT’s top laner, and fan favorite Steve as well as Giant’s support player GODFRED. Both players were added to their respective teams roster in the off season and the moves paid off as both teams reached the playoffs this split, which both teams failed to do in the Spring split.

Origen's ADC Niels

Origen’s ADC Niels listening to Xpeke


FNC Yellowstar: This is where we have our first actual toss up in my eyes. I am sure that the MVP will come from Fnatic. The problem is figuring out which member of the undefeated squad will take the trophy. Every single member of Fnatic lead their position in KDA which is insane to think about. Fnatic’s bottom lane of Yellowstar and Rekkles were first and second respectively in overall KDA for everybody however. Huni being a fan favorite may also get consideration. I think Yellowstar’s performance combined with his leadership should rightfully earn him the honor of being named the MVP of the Summer Split.

Fnatic's Yellowstar and Huni

Fnatic’s Yellowstar and Huni

NA LCS Coach of the Split

Liquid Peter: Team Liquid went from having to play a tie breaker game on the last day of the Spring split in order for them to make it into playoffs, to playing a tie breaker game on the last day of the Summer split to clinch the number one seed. Liquid did not make any roster changes between split, but managed to climb from 6th to 1st with improvements everywhere in their team. Peter worked with his team and got the best out of them which in return deserves recognition. Gravity’s coach Cop and Team Impulse’s coach Fly may also be in contention.

Team Liquid's Coach Peter

Team Liquid’s Coach Peter


NA LCS Rookie of the Split

GV Move: Did you know that out of the 6 playoff teams in North America, there is only 1 player who is a rookie? Gravity’s jungler Move is that guy. Move brought a different jungle style to NA as he focused on vision more than anything and always played for the team. His solid play helped Gravity improve their 5th seed form last split to a 4th seed this split. Their win total increased by 2 wins, which is impressive since they were the only top team to bring in a rookie. Enemy’s jungler Trashy and TDK’s and Cloud 9’s Incarnation could get some consideration for this award, but Move’s team outperformed both of those players respective teams greatly. I think this award is a no-brainer.

Gravity's jungler Move receiving instructions

Gravity’s jungler Move receiving instructions



TiP Rush: Rush carried his team from a 6th place spot at the halfway point to a 8-1 record on the back half of the split. 9-1 if you count the tiebreaker game. Even without their star mid-laner XiaoWeiXiao, Rush managed to keep his team at the top of the table.  If not for a heartbreaking defeat to Liquid on the last day, Impulse could very well be the number one seed right now. Impulse increased their win total (11 to 12) and overall poisition in the standings (4th to 3rd) by one from the Spring split. Rush cemented his place as the best jungler in North America by racking up 75 kils this split, which is a staggering 30 more than the next highest jungler. He also was tied for the most assists in the jungle as well. CLG’s Doublelift, TL’s Piglet, and TL’s Fenix are also 3 very high contenders to take home MVP for the Summer split. This is the biggest toss up of the 6 awards here. I feel though that Rush means the most to his team and without his strong play, the team would be in shambles. He makes everyone around him better and that’s what an MVP does.

TiP's jungler Rush

TiP’s jungler Rush


By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin

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