Mid Season Recap

As week two of the ACL has come to an end and we are amidst the mid season transfer window, I would like to take a moment to sit down and look at what has been done so far and what we can expect in the coming weeks.

To no surprise FVPAA Giant, Viva Futbol is top of the pack with a game in hand at 30 points. At the beginning of the season there was nothing and nobody who could stand in Viva’s way but an offensive stumble against Never Unlucky resulted in Viva dropping their only points of the season so far. The transfer window shouldn’t have much of an impact on Viva and their form because there is no real good reason to fix something that isn’t broke.

As is with every season of the ACL, there is always a collective group of teams who we all know and expect to be amongst the top eight. But every once in awhile there is a team that nobody saw coming who will catch some teams off guard. So far this season Elusive has done exactly that. Rav l 10 l has been able to pull off what some might deem as impossible. After a very abysmal performance in the first ACL X preseason tournament, Rav proceeded to part ways with his Assistant Manager l Isco l. To much surprise, Rav was able to put together a squad who would make it to the finals of the next preseason tournament just the next week. Now as we sit at Week three, Elusive is in fifth place with 21 points. The question that remains is whether Elusive will be able to break the promotion team curse and be able to keep up the good form in the continuing weeks.

To no surprise Unleashed CF, FC Serenity, Divine Footwork and Fifa Harmony find themselves with a decently secure spot in playoff contention. The real question that remains about playoff contention going into the latter weeks is that of the 7th and 8th seed. There are about six teams who are all in a decent point span of each other and a few with games in hand. Expect to see some pretty intense head to head matches in the coming days and weeks that could be the difference maker come August.

I think the biggest disappointments across the board fall upon Sublime Skill. With a very highly respected manager and popular goal scorer leading the front line, they came into this season with very high hopes. However, it took until the last night of week 2 for Sublime to find their first win of the season and thus they find themselves in 14th place with 10 points. The positive that can be taken away from their results this season is that they aren’t being beaten but rather just aren’t winning. I expect to see Janye and Adrian working with their squad to fix the problems whether with a little more practice or a key signing in the transfer window.

As with every transfer window, plenty of people have jumped ship and found a new home but the rather surprising fact of this window is that a lot of big name players are staying put. Whether that’s a sign of our community maturing as a whole or teams being content as a whole, I guess only time will tell. Although not too many big signings flew across my radar this season, an interesting transfer is that of Danilo leaving Sublime. I don’t have too much information on this transfer and whose idea it was to part ways but it is very interesting seeing as his relationship to the team was more than just   FIFA related. Another transfer that I’m interested to see how it turns out, is that of l Marvinho l to FC Serenity. FC Serenity has had trouble numerous times fielding eleven despite the fact that they are the returning champions with a pretty big name heavy roster.

While multiple teams are having quite stellar performances this ACL, the performances of some individuals are rather stellar as well and should not be overlooked. Viva leads the top of the goalscoring table with two players boasting top goals in the league. Gringo ST 7 leads the league with 11 goals and Omar l 1 l is tied with Unleashed CF Striker and Manager eXo Cavani with 9 goals to their names. If these players keep up their goal scoring tallies, I expect to see Viva and Unleashed remain at the top of the table for the rest of the season. Viva also leads the top of the assist boards with Viva Suarez and Draxler x10 leading the pack with 8 assists apiece.

The individual performances that really stick out to me and could be very influential in the coming weeks of ACL are that of Viva Reyes, Rav l 10 l, x0 Re1uK Xx and Unlucky Diggs. All of these players are on teams that are “on the bubble” this ACL and with huge individual performances already have gotten their respective teams in playoff contention or close to. Reyes and Re1uk have been able to put up eight goals so far this season both leading their attacks while Diggs leads Never Unlucky with seven goals. Rav has been helping his attack by dishing the ball out to his strikers by boasting a solid seven assist so far this season.

That wraps up all I have on this subject for now, I look forward to producing more content about the excitement that follows in the coming weeks.