Fantasy LCS: Week 9 Rundown

The final week of the fantasy season is upon us. This week is vital for fantasy owners in order for them to clinch their titles, play spoiler, or overcome a rival. Week 9 is set up with many great match-ups in EU as well as NA. I’ll be going through who is a must start, who you might want to bench, and those sleepers that could go big. Let’s get started.


The Sure Thing


CLG Pobelter: The notorious P.O.B has had a fantastic split in his first with CLG. He’s the 4th highest scoring mid laner in NA for the season, but he has a very favorable schedule this week with match-ups against Dignitas and Team 8. His earlier matches against those two teams resulted in nearly 30 points each game. Pobelter should have a great week for his team and his fantasy owners.

CLG's Pobelter during an interview

CLG’s Pobelter during an interview

FNC YellowStar: Yellowstar has had a phenomenal season so far. He is the highest scoring support player by far. With TiP Adrian stepping down, the next highest support player is almost 40 points behind him. With SK Gaming and Unicorns of Love on the schedule, it should be 2 more wins for Fnatic and plenty of kills. Yellowstar will probably lead all supports in points once again this week. Fantasy owners have to be extremely proud of themselves if they had Yellowstar on their team all season long.

TSM Santorin: Santorin has had a great season despite what many fans say about his performances this split. He is the 5th highest scoring jungler across both regions and only trailing Rush and Dominate in NA. TSM take on Enemy Esports and Cloud 9 this week. TSM should be rounding into playoff form and take home two wins against these teams. Santorin is a top option for your fantasy team.


Owners Beware


H2K Odoamne: H2k sits in 3rd place in the EU LCS standings, but their back half of the season has been up and down like a roller coaster. With games against 2nd place Origen and 5th place Gambit, H2k will have to be at their absolute best for them to bring home 2 wins. Odoamne had probably his worst game of his split the last time out against Origen. He only manage 2.57 points which is extremely low. His top lane opponents of Soaz and Cabochard are some of Europe’s best as well. I’d think look for a better option, but Odoamne may be some owners only option.

TiP Apollo: Talk about under the radar, Apollo is the 2nd highest scoring fantasy player for any position in both leagues only trailing Doublelift. Apollo has been extremely consistent for his team, and even done well in some of the teams losses. Team Impulse have the toughest schedule this week however, facing off against first place Gravity as well as Team Liquid who shares 2nd place with Team Impulse and CLG. Impulse lost both previous games against these teams, and with a a new support, Apollo may not be his very best. I still expect any owners to start him, but you have been warned.

Team Impulse's Apollo

Team Impulse’s Apollo

UOL PowerOfEvil: The Unicorns mid laner has had a decent season. Fantasy owners might have been expecting a little more out of him. He ranks as the 10th highest mid laner across both regions this split. This weeks match-ups may pose a problem for PowerOfEvil as he faces off against undefeated Fnatic and Giants Gaming. The Unicorns lost to both of these teams earlier in the season, and POE had two below average games. If history repeats itself, I don’t expect POE to live up to his average on the season and leaving many fantasy owners disappointed.

Those Pesky Sleepers


C9 Sneaky: Feels really weird having Sneaky as a sleeper since he was suppose to be a top tier fantasy star this split. Cloud 9 have looked better in the past few games, and Sneaky had his best week of the split last week. Cloud 9 almost always play well against TSM, and a game against last place TDK will give fantasy owners hope that starting Sneaky is the right choice.

GIA Fr3deric: The Giants jungler has been hit or miss every single week. I think this week will be a hit for him however. He faces off against last place Copenhagen Wolves and a Unicorns of Love squad that has a new jungler and exposed weaknesses. Known around Europe as “El Bandito”, he may not have to steal any objectives this week as his team should fare well and be ahead in both games.

Giant's jungler Fr3deric

Giant’s jungler Fr3deric

Team Dragon Knights (Team): Just hear me out first. Yes they are in last place. Yes they only have 1 win all season. I believe they would love to play spoiler however. TDK would love to beat Cloud 9 and force them into playing in the promotion tournament. They would also love to beat Gravity and take away their first round bye. TDK will be having fun and playing with no pressure.  Their opponents, who have looked shaky at different times, will be under the pressure to bring home wins. I think TDK could snag another win this week, and wouldn’t be as shocked as everyone else if they manage 2. That being said, it’s still a long shot.


By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin