TiP Adrian Steps Down

With only 3 games left in the Summer split, Team Impulse’s support Adrian has stepped down. It is a shocking move because Team Impulse is currently on a 6 game winning streak and tied for 2nd place. Adrian has stepped up his play enormously this split and taking a step back at this point of the season can’t be the best for this team.

The Numbers

Adrian may very well be the most under appreciated support in the LCS after you look at his numbers. First of all, he leads all NA supports in assists with 186 this split. That’s almost 20 more assists than the next highest support. Adrian is also number one in kill participation, which is impressive considering no other support in in the top 5 of this category. Probably the biggest stat when it comes to his team, is that Adrian is number one in wards per minute. Adrian places an insane amount of wards for his team, and if anything will hurt them the most, it will be their vision game if Adrian is gone for good. Even if you look at Adrian’s numbers in fantasy, only the great Yellowstar from the undefeated Fnatic has more fantasy points this split across both region for supports. The numbers don’t lie.

TiP's Adrian and Apollo

TiP’s Adrian and Apollo

I’m guilty of calling for a roster change for Team Impulse at the end of the Spring split after a disappointing finish from the squad in the playoffs. I thought Adrian was the weakest link at the time. He has since erased that thought with his play during the Summer split. If you said Adrian was a top 5 support in NA a couple months ago, people would think you were delusional. If you said it this split, it would just be a fact. Adrian has been a vital part of Team Impulse’s rise in the second half of the split. I’ve seen improvements in his Alistar, Janna, and Nautilus play. Even had a really fantastic Shen game last week. Much better than the rookie support last split that only played Leona at a high level. Adrian showed he is an LCS caliber support this split and if things do not work out with Team Impulse, he should definitely be given another change with another LCS team.

What Now for Team Impulse?

In the statements from Adrian and the team last night, Adrian will hopefully return to the team on Wednesday after taking a short break. Former Challenger team Vortex’s mid laner, Gate, changed his role to support and was picked up by Team Impulse last week in order to have some competition at the support role. He will now have to prove himself by being able to compete at an LCS level, at a position that he doesn’t have the most experience at. A big plus from having Gate step in is his ability to speak other languages and communicating more effectively with his teammates. I worry about the synergy in the bot lane from Team Impulse, and Gate’s ability to play support champions. With a match-up against TDK today, Team Impulse need a win today to remain in 2nd place after this week. If they manage to extend their winning streak to 7 games today, they have a big showdown next week with Team Liquid and Gravity. Team Impulse can win out and take first place. They control their own destiny at this point. We will have to see how Team Impulse decides to move forward, hopefully with Adrian in the future.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin