ACL Player Spotlight- Week One

Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to the first installment of ACL Player Spotlight. We will be highlighting five star performers each week from Division One and Division Two combined. How to be featured you ask? It is simple. Perform well for your club and get your name on the stat sheet to be featured on next week’s addition! Without further ado lets get into the star performers of this week.

Jackson x8, 13 Goals and 3 Assists in 5 Games. Team: Demolition FC

Jackson who has played as a Goalkeeper almost his entire career finally decided to move up in the field to put goals into the back of the net instead of trying to keep them out.  He has done exactly that for Demolition FC as he has led them to the top of the table with an astonishing Twenty Goal Differential and a undefeated first week. With some help from his teammates Bird l 28 l and xDrizzzyy both pitching in 4 assists each they have quite the formidable attacking partnership. Time will tell if Jackson can continue on this immense scoring run in his ultimate goal of a Divison Two title and the Golden Boot.

Viva Reyes, 7 Goals and 2 Assists in 6 Games. Team: FIFA Harmony

Reyes has been on fire for FIFA Harmony this week. After being a free agent he had several offers on the table and I am sure James l 15 l was happy Reyes chose to play for FIFA Harmony. Reyes is tied for top goal scorer with eXo Cavani and Gringo ST 7. They have a tough run of games this upcoming week against 4 of the top 5 teams so it will take a heroic performance from him this week to continue that form and to lead his team.

Draxler x10, 5 Goals and 5 Assists in 6 Games. Team: Viva Futbol

Viva have been destroying opponents their first week with three of the top six goal scorers being on their team. Draxler is the main man though with his ability to not only bang goals in for his team but also dishing out assists to his teammates. A true threat on the field with the capability of anything he is a must watch for any opponent coming against. Keep an eye on him to continue this form for the rest of the season.

Viva Tracy, 4 Clean Sheets in 6 Games. Team: Viva Futbol

Some say a goalie is only as good as his defense but that is not the case on Viva Futbol. Each person in defense and Viva Tracy in net are arguably the best defenders in the league. With Viva Pep, Viva Pony, and goodburgermanO in the defense in front of him they could keep clean sheets with any keeper in net, but when you have what most consider the best keeper in the league in Viva Tracy it makes them almost impossible to break down. Expect more of the same for Viva’s defense and Viva Tracy to keep their clean sheet streak continuing.

eXo Cavani, 7 Goals and 1 Assist in 6 Games. Team: Unleashed CF

Cavani or better known as Calvo is one thing. Consistent. Scoring no matter the competition he has led his Unleashed team yet again to a solid first week and a even better stat line for himself. Tied for top goal scorer with the aforementioned Viva Reyes he will seek to surpass him in the upcoming weeks. Calvo will continue to score goals for his Unleashed side it will just be a matter of their defense holding up to secure the wins. You would be foolish to not consider them a title contender with him leading up front.

That is all for this weeks Player Spotlight! Watch this space this time next week for another insight into the star performers of the league for this ACL.