5 Areas to Improve on if You Want to Climb in League of Legends

Everyone that plays League of Legends wants to improve. In a game like League of Legends, there are many aspects to improve in. I’ll be going through 5 aspects of the game that can be improved by almost everyone and make them a better player. This is not an extremely detailed article, just a broad focus on areas that are important to improve on. There is more to the game then these 5 areas I will be focusing on, so new players this isn’t for you. This is for those players with a year experience in low Silver, and those famed Bronze legends. Let’s get into it then.



 1. Warding

Yes, I know. Everyone says warding is important these days, but people still have no clue on the warding aspect of the game. Warding is one of the most important parts of the game for your team. Without vision, playing the game is extremely hard. It is not just the Support’s job to ward either, everybody should be buying wards. Players refuse to upgrade trinkets as well. It’s extremely gold efficient and should be done in the first 25 minutes of any game minimum. There is a severe lack of pink wards being bought as well. Buying pink wards may seem like a waste of 100 gold, but having vision of an area for however long it stands, and revealing enemy wards are extremely vital. Vision denial is just as important as gaining vision. Sweepers are the most used trinket items in higher divisions because players need to deny vision. Improving your vision game no matter which lane you are in will benefit not only you, but your team in any game you play.


2. Itemization

Knowing what to build, and when to build it is a very important skill to have in League of Legends. Every single game of League of Legends is different from anyone you’ve played before. A champions items are never set in stone. Item choices depend on a number of variables like lane opponent, opposing team comp, gold income, runes and masteries set up, and others. It takes a long time for players to learn what items are effective at the right time. Watching streams of pro players and high elo players teaching the game will help anyone who doesn’t have a clue in what items to build. There are plenty of streamers that go through their thought process of item purchases and are sharing this knowledge with their viewers. Itemizing correctly will help you improve your champion performance each game.

summoners-rift3. Map Awareness

Knowing the map of Summoners rift is not as helpful as it seems, but being able to read the map is the key point here. Warding comes into play here as well because without wards, it makes reading the map extremely difficult. If you are bot lane, and you see the opposing jungler top lane, that gives you free space to play bot side. Knowing where the enemy team is at times can be huge amounts of information. Teams can set up traps for kills, rotate and take objectives, and change their style of play in lane based off of reading the map. Being able to estimate where people are after losing vision of them is also a key skill to have. You have to be aware of your surroundings, but the little map in the bottom right of most of your screens has loads of information for you.

timers4. Tracking Timers and Cooldowns

In a time before our nifty scoreboard here, we had to time jungle camps, dragons, and barons on our own. Their are still many other things to keep track of while playing any game of League of Legends. Most important cooldown to track would be opposing laners. It’s a five minute cooldown, just write it down and hope for a gank before it comes back up. Players teleports are also extremely important to track. Having a teleport advantage in this meta is a huge deal, and your team can capitalize off of it with ease if you have the right timings. Other summoner spells like heal, exhaust, and ignite may be important to track their cooldowns, but it is not a must. Dragon and baron timers are also very vital to a teams success. If you do not have vision of the objective being taken, making an estimate of the time and putting in into the chat is just very helpful. This takes a little bit of practice and getting used to, but tracking these cooldowns gives you more information over your opponent that they probably will not have about you.

professorRyze5. Game Knowledge

Attaining game knowledge takes a long time and is not a quick fix like some of the other areas I’ve discussed so far. It takes a large number of games and a large amount of experience to be able to rack up a good amount of game knowledge. Knowing how things in the game work like, tower aggro, counter picks, how to effectively trade, powerspikes, and many other things is vital to becoming a great player. Just knowing basic facts about every champion can help you play a better game. I attained majority of my game knowledge through streams, but playing the game over and over is also very effective. You can’t rush experience, and it takes time to improve. If you are not willing to take the time to learn about all aspects of the game, then you will not climb as much as you could have.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin